War of Cotton Casting Call!

2009-08-19 22:15:56 by sketchodie

Before I say anything, I would like to say tomorrow I am 22 Y.O.

Long time no see, but I have been watching some animated work here.

The reason I haven't been submitting is the fact is I have been working to get into the Sonic Shorts Collab (I tried last time, but didn't make it)

This time, I am coming back harder with something to rock their socks off. Wish me luck.



Synopsis: Two stuffed animals fight over who gets to sleep in the bed of the owner, while she slumbers.

Roles Available:
Teddy: A Stuffed Teddy Bear.
Ideal Voice: A Deep Voice. A cross between Chris Sabat (Any Funimation dub) and Brad Garrett (2 Stupid Dogs, Everybody Loves Raymond)
Bun-Bun: A Doll-like Rabbit.
Ideal Voice: A very slight British accent. VERY SLIGHT.
Imogene: A young girl. No ideal voice.
Imogene's Mom: Imogene's Mom.
Ideal Voice: Young sounding between 25-30. Along the lines of Brina Palencia (Beck, School Rumble)

Music by Mindchamber

Animation by me.

This animated short will be submitted to film festivals and will also been seen on Newgrounds, Youtube, Aniboom, ConceptArt, and DeviantArt.

Send me a demo reel or audition lines to regg502@msn.com and put in the subject "War of Cotton (name of role) audition."

Good Luck to all who auditioned and even if you don't get the roles, you can still work with me in the future!


2009-05-18 23:17:22 by sketchodie

I am so happy that I finally "debuted" on Newgrounds after several false starts due to me graduating from college.

I made it on the Street Fighter Collab along with some strong animators. I really don't care if it is bad or not, I am glad that I just wanted to show my skills. I could have done a better idea (Sean's Latino voice was not my decision) but I had fun even though I pulled it off in two months.

Thanks so much, Kenkaku, Bobert-Rob, Gamebuddy and most of all Stamper for helping get my feet wet. It will be a bumpy ride, but I hopefully will survive.

I know now I have to take everything in stride. I want to practice and get better and that's the most important thing I need to do.

As I say on my DeviantART page, ...and now, it all begins with me....

Keepin' On Keepin' On

2009-04-12 09:20:51 by sketchodie

So it has been a while since I posted. I have been working on school and an animation for my degree project. I also have been working on a comic with Severed Head Comics that is now finished, so that will show up later this year. I also am starting work on another comic that I am still in the design process with. I also am gearing up for finals, graduation and tying any loose ends.

What else? Oh so my hiatus from DA was cut short because a friend died. I also had some overhaul with talking to people that I am going to work with. I can't take a break now since I am getting opportunities and it's been helping me getting work... Huh. DA is not so bad after all.

Also, I want to address this. A hiatus is a break from something. Deleting an account is you quit the bitch and is not coming back. I tried to leave DA before but it was complicated as hell and...

You know what? I have done a lot in my life and I don't have to answer to anybody, especially to someone on the internet. People are always telling me I bring up old stuff, but when you egg at me over something I did a year ago that doesn't pertain to you, why make the effort to make rude comments to me? Move on and focus on you.

I also came back from the Boston Comic Con and now I am a member of Comic Artists Guild so woot.
I also have 3 offers on doing comics so woot.

I might be fine after graduation so I feel secure of my future.

This is my life as an Art Major.

Hiatus from DeviantArt

2009-02-17 21:38:32 by sketchodie

As we head into Spring, Spring Fever has hit DA with a fever, spamming, and I begun to feel...

unhappy and pissed.

I am struggling to find good crit of my work and I feel awful after getting any crit I need. I decided to take a vacation from being DeviantArt Sketchodie and visit Newgrounds Sketchodie.

Yeah, that doesn't make any sense.

I had to already dump a few things I was working on for NG because I want my degree while I'm still 21, or I'll wind up being your pissed off bag boy who will be sent to jail Madea-style.

So during the summer, whether you like it or not, I will definitely post some cartoons.

Until Next Time, y'all.

Alrighty, an update!

2009-02-10 21:51:05 by sketchodie

So it has been a while since I actually posted any news.

I submitted my SF Collab entry yesterday and I hope they got it and approved it.

I am also working on a small short piece for Pico Day 2009 starting in March.

I am also halting production on further works until the summer because I am working on an animation for my degree project.

I will start doing stuff on Monday for my degree project.

So expect a piece for Pico Day and if I don't make it, there is always next year!

Until Next Time!

Looking for collabs...

2008-10-04 08:47:22 by sketchodie

I was so disappointed that I missed out on doing a Metal Gear Solid Collab.

I am already doing a Sonic Shorts Collab and I recently finished my short, but I need to do more collabs so I can get my feet wet and expand on my animation skills while I am posting other animations by myself.

So, if anyone is doing a collab, post one here, tell me when it is due and I'll get back to you.



2008-08-20 08:14:53 by sketchodie

Today I am 21 years old. This makes me a 100% adult, fully legal, old enough to drink, live on my oen, get a house, married, have kids and die.

But uh, Let's get back to reality for a minute.

I am still working on my animation debut while working on several other animation projects. I already am gearing towards finishing a collaboration and it will get me to start working up a good rep here on Newgrounds. I mean, I cannot comment on other people's work forever. So, ASAP, I will submit more stuff.


So far in this stage, I have moved kinda quickly. So far I have two shorts completed in the 90% mark, one short completed in the 25% mark and just started another one and since I just recieved more time suddenly, I can get a lot of shorts done.

This screen shown is the love between GIR and a burrito. This short one is 90% done.

I will post these production screens to show you I am not sitting on my butt and watching Egoraptor cartoons...most of the time. Oh yeah, I am animating at 24 fps...yes I'm crazy.

This will be my debut animation at Newgrounds. All of the shorts will be on Newgrounds, but a few will also be posted on my DeviantART page.

Fox McCloud

Production Notes: Tender Lurve

Sketchodie is HERE!

2008-07-16 10:59:56 by sketchodie


Sketchodie is here and ready to risk it all for the sake of becoming a skilled animator! Unfortunately I was a little down in the dumps five minutes ago, but bounced back into good spirits because I am on Newgrounds y'all!

I am a nOOb, NOOB! in animation, doing it off and on for six months (mostly the off part) due to school and not exactly getting it. Nothing like graduating college to get you butt in gear, huh? I was always an admirer, not a doer. I primarily drew for 10 years and have dabbing in graphic design for 6 years. Animating is my next step. I hope to do well (because let's face it, you can suck. It's easy to suck.) and push my limitations because, c'mon, this is Newgrounds. Animation is what it's all about.

Craig McCraken
David Feiss
Chuck Jones
Tex Avery
(I will murder this name) Gennedy Tartakovsky (Sorry. I have a unpronounceable T name too, dude!) Leiji Matsumoto

Egoraptor - His jokes are funny and mostly his Awesome series is really critiques of gaming
Sirkowski - Even if he does take short cuts (Because he actually has a job doing comics, lucky dog) his stories are good and his voice actors are wo.
Kirbopher - He's like Egoraptor 2.0. His animation is fluid. Whoever plays Meat on Parody Rangers is legend now...
Bobert-Rob - His animation style is great. His lines are awesome too. His animations would have been on Comedy Central.
lenko-biscuit - This British coffee drinker's acid-coloring art style is really good. His voice is even better.
illwillpress - Foamy. Enough said.

And with that interlude, let's get down to bidness!

So I am planning a huge collection of shorts involving a bunch of cartoon and game characters. I did one so far and I am just tweaking it. And I am looking for voice actors y'all!

Roles listed so far: Jak, Mario, and Peach.

Send me an email with voice sample if you are interested and write a comment that said you did. Tell me how you want to be credited.

Compensation: Fanart of your Choice. List in the email what you want. No Hentai, Yaoi, Yuri or anything sexual in that manner.

I will decide parts after I have a good idea who I pick.

Until Next Time, Stay TUNED!