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Sketchodie is HERE!

2008-07-16 10:59:56 by sketchodie


Sketchodie is here and ready to risk it all for the sake of becoming a skilled animator! Unfortunately I was a little down in the dumps five minutes ago, but bounced back into good spirits because I am on Newgrounds y'all!

I am a nOOb, NOOB! in animation, doing it off and on for six months (mostly the off part) due to school and not exactly getting it. Nothing like graduating college to get you butt in gear, huh? I was always an admirer, not a doer. I primarily drew for 10 years and have dabbing in graphic design for 6 years. Animating is my next step. I hope to do well (because let's face it, you can suck. It's easy to suck.) and push my limitations because, c'mon, this is Newgrounds. Animation is what it's all about.

Craig McCraken
David Feiss
Chuck Jones
Tex Avery
(I will murder this name) Gennedy Tartakovsky (Sorry. I have a unpronounceable T name too, dude!) Leiji Matsumoto

Egoraptor - His jokes are funny and mostly his Awesome series is really critiques of gaming
Sirkowski - Even if he does take short cuts (Because he actually has a job doing comics, lucky dog) his stories are good and his voice actors are wo.
Kirbopher - He's like Egoraptor 2.0. His animation is fluid. Whoever plays Meat on Parody Rangers is legend now...
Bobert-Rob - His animation style is great. His lines are awesome too. His animations would have been on Comedy Central.
lenko-biscuit - This British coffee drinker's acid-coloring art style is really good. His voice is even better.
illwillpress - Foamy. Enough said.

And with that interlude, let's get down to bidness!

So I am planning a huge collection of shorts involving a bunch of cartoon and game characters. I did one so far and I am just tweaking it. And I am looking for voice actors y'all!

Roles listed so far: Jak, Mario, and Peach.

Send me an email with voice sample if you are interested and write a comment that said you did. Tell me how you want to be credited.

Compensation: Fanart of your Choice. List in the email what you want. No Hentai, Yaoi, Yuri or anything sexual in that manner.

I will decide parts after I have a good idea who I pick.

Until Next Time, Stay TUNED!


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2009-05-21 20:00:57

You should consider having your profile displaying the stuff you have uploaded on new grounds.
..So I can find them.