Production Notes: Tender Lurve

2008-07-19 19:23:30 by sketchodie

So far in this stage, I have moved kinda quickly. So far I have two shorts completed in the 90% mark, one short completed in the 25% mark and just started another one and since I just recieved more time suddenly, I can get a lot of shorts done.

This screen shown is the love between GIR and a burrito. This short one is 90% done.

I will post these production screens to show you I am not sitting on my butt and watching Egoraptor cartoons...most of the time. Oh yeah, I am animating at 24 fps...yes I'm crazy.

This will be my debut animation at Newgrounds. All of the shorts will be on Newgrounds, but a few will also be posted on my DeviantART page.

Fox McCloud

Production Notes: Tender Lurve


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2008-08-11 21:04:50

hahaha...Invader Zim...saw the same 3 episodes of that show 80 times...btw, I draw anime crap too (mostly cause it's all I can do), and it's on me site...

kudos to you if you make the 2nd anime worth watching...the first (and currently only) being deathnote.