Looking for collabs...

2008-10-04 08:47:22 by sketchodie

I was so disappointed that I missed out on doing a Metal Gear Solid Collab.

I am already doing a Sonic Shorts Collab and I recently finished my short, but I need to do more collabs so I can get my feet wet and expand on my animation skills while I am posting other animations by myself.

So, if anyone is doing a collab, post one here, tell me when it is due and I'll get back to you.



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2008-11-20 18:34:27

well, I don't have a collab, but I do have a suggestion. I suggest you get a graphics tablet, if you can draw really good on paper. It takes a bit to get used to, but it makes animation alot easier, not to mention more fun. I suggest Wacom, mainly because the pen doesn't require a battery...of course, if you have $2000 to blow, you can get one with an LCD sceen...but I doubt you have that kind of money.

sketchodie responds:

I have one. Thanks for your suggestion. I'm actually working on some animations and I am trying to pick and choose which ones I can release on NG. Thanks.


2008-12-01 15:20:57

no problem. Instead of doing a colab, though, why don't you do some original stuff? It gets done quicker when you do. I know programs that can let you work solo...for example, LMMS is a free music making software that is suprisingly good.

You should e-mail me (conlor_243@hotmail.com), I have a feeling we would work well together.