2009-05-18 23:17:22 by sketchodie

I am so happy that I finally "debuted" on Newgrounds after several false starts due to me graduating from college.

I made it on the Street Fighter Collab along with some strong animators. I really don't care if it is bad or not, I am glad that I just wanted to show my skills. I could have done a better idea (Sean's Latino voice was not my decision) but I had fun even though I pulled it off in two months.

Thanks so much, Kenkaku, Bobert-Rob, Gamebuddy and most of all Stamper for helping get my feet wet. It will be a bumpy ride, but I hopefully will survive.

I know now I have to take everything in stride. I want to practice and get better and that's the most important thing I need to do.

As I say on my DeviantART page, ...and now, it all begins with me....


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2009-05-19 22:40:15

Great work on the SF Collab. Loved the touch of Cromartie.

sketchodie responds:

Yeah. it set the mood.

I also forgot!

THANK YOU CHIO for the voice of Dan!

You did a great job.


2009-06-05 17:42:03

I look forward to seeing your creations :D


2009-06-29 01:20:59

good thing like a cartoon