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AJ: The Adventure Begins AJ: The Adventure Begins

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This track is...




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Love and Valor (Garage Band Loops) Love and Valor (Garage Band Loops)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I heard this before...

I actually heard this when someone did a remix to The MARTA girl incident and made a song from it called, "Pressin' Charges."

You should YouTube because they might have stolen that from you.

If it was stolen from you demand that you get credit.

Nonetheless, I love this concept. Classical and Hip-Hop always was a winning concept. Like I can imagine a Samurai Champloo esque vibe from it.

Healing Winds - Reprise 1.0 Healing Winds - Reprise 1.0

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I wanted more...

It is a daring attempt on what is THE song that defined the Soul Calibur series. However, the harpsichord is distracting. There are no "lower or bass" strings to add weight to the tune.

You got the notes right and the strings are wonderful, but even if it is a reprise, the piece is powerful and fills you with enjoyment and hope for the future. It just feels unfinished to me.

Sorry for being harsh.

BloodReaver responds:

I like your honesty. I know can still improve this but i was a little lost on what to do. Thx for your opinion and i'll try to improve it.

Victory is Yours! Victory is Yours!

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A very versatile track.

It can be used for almost any type of game and animation.
Simple and useful.
I hope I can use this for the future.

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ImperfectDisciple responds:

I hope you can too! Thank you so much for the review :D